About us

About Us

"We don’t just provide a service, we deliver results.”

Mecwind Alternative Energys was established with the vision of focusing on the global wind energy sector, specializing in the installation and servicing of wind turbines. What started as a local company has extended to two continents. Mecwind is based in Portugal and South Africa, and has completed projects in various other countries.

Mecwind’s most important asset is its employees, whose dedication and proficiency have made Mecwind a perfect partner in wind energy projects. The energy sector is highly dynamic with new technological innovations, which is why regular training is provided to employees, both in market intelligence and in quality customer services.

Among our values are responsibility, safety, quality and professionalism. Once on-site, our only mission is delivering work to our clients’ satisfaction.

How we do it

Mecwind strictly conforms to manufacturer standards, and plan operating schedules in accordance with these standards. Technicians are professional and task- orientated, operating projects with strict adherence to safety measures.

To date, Mecwind has completed 100% of its projects with no injuries or accidents.

Employees work according to Mecwind’s Handbook, which consists of rules, technical data, and other information necessary for work to be completed.

Employees receive internal training and regular refresher courses to ensure that staffs remain specialists in their fields and Personal Protection Equipment is provided to prevent injuries and accidents.

Mecwind has on-site containers and tool vans, equipped with state of the art tools, and specialized tools developed by Mecwind, designed to maximise on timely operations.

End Results

Mecwind takes due diligence in ensuring that clients receive desired results, and has the necessary skills and expertise to take on projects of all sizes and scales. In working according to strategically worked out schedules, clients receive the end results they envisioned, in a fraction of a time.

Safety Policy

The Mecwind Handbook is given and explained to all technicians and subcontractors, ensuring that all employees are aware of necessary and mandatory safety regulations, as per legislation. Mecwind is committed to the protecting the health and safety of its employees.

Our Structure

Our internal framework is built with team work, planning, quality, and safety. In building up this chassis, Mecwind manages to consistently take a cohesive approach to all projects, ensuring that new ventures are approached with excellence as the only manner in which work is delivered.